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Google is Hungry by ciciweezil96 Google is Hungry :iconciciweezil96:ciciweezil96 1 3
Had I Known
Had I known it would come to this
I would've told you what I'm thinking now
You are the star that lights up my night
You are the sun that shines so bright
You are my knight in shining armor
And everything I'm feeling for you
Feels so right
Had I known what I know
Had I felt what I feel
If I'd known how much
I would miss you
You would still be here
But now you're gone
And all I've got to say
I'm sorry, so sorry
Please come back to me
You said you were done
You slammed the door behind
You got in your car and drove away
At first I didn't understand
But you never came back
And now my heart aches so much
Now I'm all alone listening
To the silence of the house
:iconciciweezil96:ciciweezil96 0 0
This Place I Once Knew
This house my father built
It has given shelter
It has given safety
And we have given it away
This van my grandma drove
It has taken us far
It has taken us safely
And we have taken to a new one
This fence my grandpa placed
It has kept out danger
It has kept out thieves
And now it keeps us out
This tree my uncle planter
It has grown with me
It has shaded me
Now it has outgrown me
This place I once knew
We have given it away
We have found a new one
And now it keeps us out
Has it outgrown me?
Or have I outgrown it?
:iconciciweezil96:ciciweezil96 1 0
Good Luck With That
I come from green grass and dirt paths
From blue skies and rainy days
From junk-filled sheds and rusty workshops
From smoky grills and creaky swingsets
I come from white paneling and shingled rooftops
From faded porch steps and cobwebbed wind chimes
From foggy windows and open blinds
From wooden floors and hollow doors
I come from counting bears and barbie dolls
From The Price Is Right and Blues Clues
From stuffed dolls and the 64
From backyard golf and rainy day Sorry
I come from old chuckles and young giggles
From bare feet and Sunday dresses
From warm hugs and sweet I Love You's
From evening card games and home-made dinners
I come from crackling stereos and sleek CD's
From cheap headphones and flip-up celle phones
From cable TV and musty books
From yellow phonebooks and paper money
And you…
You talk to a wall all day
You build virtual farms all day
You stalk people who write 140-character messages
And you call my childhood boring
Good luck with that.
:iconciciweezil96:ciciweezil96 0 0
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Cici the Weezil
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United States
Welcome to the Deviant Art page of PandaPerfect, aka CiciWeezil.

My name is Cici.

I am a graphic artist, web designer, writer, and singer. Check out my work here on deviantArt and, as well as a new penpal blog I started with my penpal, Krats at

Thanks for visiting and please come again!


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So I was reading my old journal entries (oh by the way i'm back but i don't plan on doing much) and I found one where I was ranting about Google Chrome and how I liked Internet Explorer so much better.

And that was two summers ago. 

Omigod. What was I thinking?

I was ranting about GOOGLE? My freaking best friend on the interwebs?

What is the matter with me?

And I said I like IE! Hell no!

I'm very glad I have been enlightened since then. 

Google Chrome rocks, and IE anything sucks. It's the worst browser on the web. 

It's funny because while I know why I didn't like Chrome, I remember what made me switch. 

It just happened to be that Pottermore didn't work well at all on IE and I read it worked awesome on Chrome and so I downloaded Chrome just so I can play Pottermore. Yep...I love Harry Potter that much. So JK Rowling has changed my life in many ways.

Anyways, so I downloaded Chrome, found it was pretty cool, much faster than IE, and reportedly less annoying than Firefox, more useful than Opera, and simply bliss. I switched my loyalties pretty quickly. 

So here is my opinion of today:
I don't use any browser but Safari and Chrome.
I hate Microsoft phones. 
I despise Acer with a passion.
I don't like Samsung, but I respect those who do.
I can't stand any device with less than 16 gb
I don't love Apple but I like it more than Windows
I have little to no experience with android and therefore no opinion on it (as I don't believe my cheap tablet is a good measure of it's usefulness)
I like to wait at least a year to get a new phone so I can see in-depth reviews and all the bugs are fixed by that time in a new model
I like netbooks but my only experience is with Acer netbooks so BURN ALL THE ACERS!!!! haha just kidding (but seriously I really hate Acer)

The only opinion I have that hasn't changed in the past four years is on videogames. I still love RPGs, fantasy games, etc. and my loyalty still and always will lie with Nintendo.

So that's what's on my mind...

I should have other crap on my mind though like exams, school, college, and all the other useless crap society makes me do. Where's the quality of education gone? :) that's for another day.


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Thanks so much! I've really got to update my fanfictions, don't I?
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ciciweezil96 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think I read all the ones you wrote about Code Lyoko
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